Co-founder of jewellery studio RÄTHEL & WOLF.

I am a jewellery designer, exploring the body, physically and intellectually, through adornments, objects and collages. I love working collaboratively with other artists and designers from different fields such as fashion and architecture and I am always keen to expand the mediums I works in.

I have finished my Master of Art in Jewellery & Metal at the Royal College of Art in London and won the Best Work In Jewellery Award by Theo Fennel and the ITS Jewellery Award with my degree collection.

With RÄTHEL & WOLF we launch 2 jewellery collections per year, create catwalk jewellery pieces for fashion collaborations as well as teach at the Royal College of Art, the Architecture Association (AA) or Dulwich College.

Please contact me for any enquiries or discover RÄTHEL & WOLF under the link below.




+44 (0) 7871542393